A Mostra de Fotografia de Arroios (MFA) -...
 A Mostra de Fotografia de Arroios (MFA) - CASA - Collective exhibition of 29 photographers - from 30.08.2023 - 15.09.2023

-This exhibition aims to provide a reflection on the importance of "CASA" as a physical space, but also on the social conditions that define access to this fundamental space. Today, access to housing is a persistent challenge, whether it is maintaining homes threatened by speculation or high credit interest rates, or simply accessing a place to live in suitable conditions.

Therefore, the exhibition also invites visitors to reflect on the mortar and foundations upon which it is possible to build a more just and inclusive world, where everyone has access to a dignified and secure "CASA". Thanks to financial crises, gentrification, or digital nomadism, the concept of CASA has become much broader than ever.

With this collection of images, it is possible to explore various symbolic paths, including the intimate understanding of a place that reflects who we are, an extension of ourselves, or a place that protects us from the outside world. In this journey, there is also a reflection on the lack of access to housing as an element that diminishes individual citizenship.

Therefore, we invite you to enter these homes and reflect on each of them, considering the different realities that surround us. Even in this place where the photographs are displayed.

The "Home" exhibition consists of photographs by: Adriano Miranda, Ágata Xavier, Ana Baião, Anabela Gonçalves, António Carrapato, António Pedro Santos, Bruno Taveira, Carlos Alvares, Carlos Costa, Diana Quintela, Fernando Veludo, Filipe Bianchi, Francisco Melim, Frederico Batista, Hermano Noronha, João Barrinha, João Serrão, Lorenzo Roncaglione, Maria Xavier, Nelson Garrido, Paula Roush, Paulo Alexandrino, Paulo Pimenta, Paulo Santos, Rodrigo Cabrita, Sara Matos, and Tiago Miranda.
    "Emancipation of the Living" presents a...

The "Emancipation of the Living" exhibition, currently on display, presents the commissioned work "pro-sedimento" by Frame Colectivo. The exhibition opened last Saturday, March 18th, and I would like to thank everyone who attended. We especially thank the Residents in Resistance of the 2nd Torrão for their support and for sharing their experiences.

The exhibition features a sound installation by Bartolo and the videos "Entre a Terra e o Mar" and "Vida Justa," which add an emotional depth to the exhibition. It will be on display at the Almada Municipal Art Gallery until May 27, 2023.All profits from the sale of posters will be donated to the Assembly of Residents in Resistance of the 2nd Torrão.

The exhibition not only provides a thought-provoking and emotionally charged experience but also supports an important cause. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the exhibition and contribute to this worthy initiative.

Francisco Melim

Francisco's born in 1993, in Lisbon, his portfolio stands as a testament to his keen storytelling ability, capturing the essence of life.
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