Born in 1993 in Lisbon, Portugal, Francisco Melim is a photographer with a unique perspective and an inspiring background. His childhood was shaped by the charming mountains of Sintra and the suburban landscapes of Mafra. From a young age, he showed an affinity for photography, always eager to capture family moments or vacation scenes whenever a camera was available. During his school years, his mother played a significant role in his involvement with photography, especially when he participated in an extracurricular discipline called animation cinema. It was there that he had his first serious encounter with the art, learning to photograph, develop film, and enhance his skills in cinema.

With a growing connection to skateboarding, he often found himself behind the camera, filming and taking photographs. At the age of 15, he began his photographic journey with a Vivitar V3800N camera, a cherished gift from his mother.

His passion for skateboarding fueled his desire to explore and capture the world uniquely. Melim's work stands out for its emphasis on human interactions in urban and natural environments. His extensive portfolio is a testament to his ability to weave captivating narratives through his photography and cinematography.

In addition to his professional activities, Melim nurtures a deep love for travel photography, leading him to explore various regions in Southeast Asia and North Africa. In pursuit of continuous improvement, Melim underwent training in photojournalism and copyright at CENJOR (CENTRO PROTOCOLAR DE FORMAÇÃO PROFISSIONAL PARA JORNALISTAS). This training reinforces his commitment to the ethical and responsible practice of photojournalism, a fundamental aspect of his projects.

Francisco Melim's diverse body of work spans various photographic genres, including narrative, documentary, portraits, and action sports. His unique background, exceptional technical skills, and a keen eye for human interactions make him an outstanding talent in the fields of photography and photojournalism.

Francisco Melim

Francisco's born in 1993, in Lisbon, his portfolio stands as a testament to his keen storytelling ability, capturing the essence of life.
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